How Do Wi-Fi Cameras Work?

What It Requires

  1. Broadband Internet connect: DSL, Cable or FiOS
  2. A Wireless Router
  3. PC for Recording

Note: The WiFi camera systems have to be paired with a router in order to function wirelessly. This is done by directly connecting the camera to your router using a network cable. Once it’s paired with your router it can then remain wireless.

When your camera is online you can view the live video stream at any time however there is also no recording medium within the WiFi camera, all recording requires a computer system.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use A WiFi Spy Camera At A Hotel or In Your Hotel Room?
Many have inquired about the possibility on using IP Cams at various locations however there is a limitation preventing this from always being possible. For the initial setup of your IP Camera you need direct access to the router its to wirelessly connect to. Also the username and password to the router administration panel is needed for remote access setup.

Can A WiFi Spy Camera Be Battery Powered and Worn?
At this time our Wi-Fi Camera systems cannot be battery powered but this may change in the future so be sure to check back with us from time to time. Secondly even if you were able to battery power your IP Camera the next task would be to keep it connected to the internet at all times.

This can be done with the use of a mobile hotspot router. Newer smartphones have the ability to share an internet connection but they usually don’t provide the necessary feature of Port Forwarding to allow the camera to broadcast over the net. If you have further questions about how this setup can work it’s best to give us a call at 1-845-369-1777.

How To View Your WiFi Camera From Work
WiFi IP Cameras can be viewed using most major web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Android Browser, your Smartphone and more. All you would have to do is enter the website address of your camera in the address bar and you will be prompted with the login window requesting your Username and Password. After those details are provided you will have the option to video what’s taking place live over the internet.

There are some cases when you attempt to view your camera at home and everything works fine and when you’re away from home it seems to not work. This usually happens when you’re using a local IP address instead of a external IP address. One way to check for this common mistake is take a look at the IP address you’re using if it starts with 192. or 10. you may be using the wrong address.

If you’ve already configured Port Forwarding or Virtual Server settings on your router you can easily correct the issue by using the WAN address of your modem/router. You can find this information from your home PC visit the webpage and it will return your correct IP Address.

If you recently purchased an IP Camera from us, you can contact us for free wifi camera tech support and configuration.