How to Catch Your Spouse Cheating in Your Own Home

If you think your spouse could be cheating, it is better not to ignore those lingering suspicions.  Don’t let lingering but unfounded suspicion ruin otherwise strong and loving relationships or allow a cheater to continue to take advantage of your trust.  Find out for sure if you can trust your spouse by using a hidden camera.

Using a hidden camera to catch a cheating spouse is a sensitive and special situation and requires discretion.  Unlike hidden cameras used with nannies or for security, cameras used for observing family members are more likely to arouse suspicion, which is why the placement of the cameras must be discreet. Family members are more likely to be alerted by the introduction of new item into the home because they are familiar with their surroundings.  For example, a new alarm clock in the bedroom may raise suspicion if you have used the same one for years, or it would seem odd for you to suddenly bring hidden cameras disguised as house plants into your home if you have never had an interest in decorating or gardening before. 

To successfully spy on your partner in the home you share, you will need an item that you can hide yourself. For this kind of application we recommend  black box series camera or Camball camera.

It is important to carefully consider the placement of your new camera so that you do not accidentally alert your cheating spouse of the camera.  Most people want to place cameras in the bedroom because that is where most likely cheating behaviors will take place.  This location works especially well if you need video proof that your spouse is cheating to present in the court.  Our camera options available are convenient sizes and shapes and will be easy to hide among other items already in the bedroom.   Once hidden, the camera will use motion detection sensors to sense when to begin recording.  This means that you will only need to watch video of the interactions that take place in front of your camera, not tons of video of an empty room.  When you want to watch the video footage, all you need to do when you come home is to take out the SD card and play the video on your computer using a media player.

Sometimes is not necessary and even more hurtful to record in the bedroom.  Cheating does not always take place in the bedroom and it may be too painful for to watch your spouse physically cheating.  If you think this is the case in your situation, consider placing cameras in other rooms where people often gather like entrances to the home or living spaces.  Sometimes all you need to prove or disprove cheating behavior is to confirm that a certain person was at your home while you were away.  This can confirm or disprove your doubts and you may not need to go to the extreme of capturing the actual act.  Cameras can be placed anywhere in the house.  Popular locations include near the front door, back door, looking at the bedroom door…any place where you can easily hide a camera without other person knowing it.

When hiding a camera the best will be if you could plug it in to the power outlet. This will give you the longest recording time so you will be sure that you will not lose any footage.

In case that there is no power source conveniently available, the Camball 2 camera is an excellent option.  The Camball 2 camera has a power saving battery that only uses energy when there is motion in front of the camera.  This means that your battery will last longer and can record anywhere from 4 up to 40 hours of intermittent motion.

Spy camera team members are available to assist you in your decision-making process and with technical support once you have purchased your camera. If you are not sure what kind of camera is best for you please call our office at 845-369-1777 and our camera specialist will help you select the perfect camera that suits your needs.   Don’t live with lingering doubt and suspicion that your spouse may be cheating!  Clear the air and find out for sure by purchasing a spy camera.