Protecting Yourself With Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is your first line of defense if you want to protect yourself, your family or property.  Hidden cameras discourage vandalism, burglary and abuse.  If you something does happen videos can be used to prosecute the perpetrator.  Especially in cases of divorce, custody fights, cheating spouses and child abuse videos can provide documentation that can prove wrong doing


When a marriage ends it is not unusual for one or both parties to end up filing for restraining order in order to protect themselves against possible physical harm or property damage. Restraining orders do not always prevent criminal behavior.  If you feel that restraining orders are not enough to keep you safe, hidden cameras can help to deter or document criminal activity.

Property Damage

A security camera will document any mischief, break-ins, vandalism or violation of restraining orders.   The recordings crated with your camera can be used as a proof of these activities.  Wi-fi cameras installed inside or outside your home will allow you to see what is happening at home from any location.  You can monitor your property from wherever you happen to be.


When you use security cameras, you are protecting your children against child abuse.  Care givers can be observed at all times to ensure the safety of your children.   Make sure an elderly family member is receiving proper attention from home health aides.   If you fear violence from a former loved one, like a husband or ex, installing a security system at your residence can protect you.  Cameras can be used to record any movement in and around your home so that you may be aware of your surroundings.

You can be your own investigator and be prepared to document any kind of criminal behavior,.  When you have the right camera to accomplish your goals, video surveillance is simple and you will have peace of mind that you are protected and can prove wrong doing.   SCS consultants are happy to assist you in selecting the camera that will best meet your needs.  Please contact us for assistance at 845-369-1777