Chris Hansen Caught Cheating On Wife By Hidden Camera

To Catch A Cheater: Video Surveillance Cameras Catch More Than Criminalscheating husband
Video Surveillance cameras are used mainly for security purposes. Placed in business parking lots, retail stores, sports arenas, homes, and apartment complexes these cameras give a measure of security to employees, customers, sports fans, and residents as the idea of getting caught on tape often deters would be criminals.

In cases, where the criminals decide to commit their criminal act anyway these cameras can help police catch criminals and get them off the streets. However, these cameras catch more than just criminals, they may also catch cheating husbands, as an embarrassed Chris Hansen of NBC’s Dateline recently found out.

A married father of two, Hansen was caught on tape in June entering his mistress’s Florida apartment and not coming out until 8 the next morning. It was later discovered that Hansen had another mistress in Las Vegas.

The irony of the whole thing is that if anyone should be aware of the power of Surveillance cameras it should be Chris Hansen who has become a household name due to his being the face behind NBC’s To Catch A Predator Series. In this series Hansen and his crew rely heavily on the use of video surveillance equipment to catch child molesters and would be child molesters in the act of trying to connect with their would be victims. Over the years he and his crew have caught hundreds of these predators on tape using surveillance cameras now it seems the tables have been turned.

While neither of Hansens’s mistresses were underage and cheating on one’s wife isn’t illegal in most states the incident still proved highly embarrassing and could have a profound effect on both Hansen’s personal and professional life. It’s going to be hard for the general public to give much credibility to a man who uses video surveillance equipment to catch people doing wrong when he himself was caught on tape cheating on his wife.

NBC Reporter Chris Hansen Caught in Cheating Scandal

If there is any moral to this story it has to be that video surveillance equipment not only can catch criminals but, cheating spouses as well. However, as embarrassing as this story may be to Mr. Hansen it is somehow comforting to know that video surveillance cameras do work when installed correctly.

If their all seeing eye can capture a cheating husband then they can and will capture a potential criminal in the act. So perhaps, after reading this story criminals will think not twice but, three or four times before they try to commit a crime where there are video surveillance cameras.

As for those businesses that have been trying to decide if video surveillance really works, this incident should put their mind at rest that these cameras can and will do the job they are intended to do which is catch all activity on tape and help make their business safer and more secure.