Configure your WiFi IP Camera with EvoCam for Mac OS X

To Configure your WiFi IP Camera with EvoCam for Max OS X Follow These Steps

Once the EvoCam software is mounted and installed, be sure to connect the camera directly to your router and then load the EvoCam software. At this stage you’ll have the option to setup a wireless connection with your IP Cam.

Since the included IP Camera Tool software is designed to be used with PC only, you will have to use either your DHCP Client Table or an IP Scanner Tool to find the IP Address of your camera.

IP Scanner Tool
1) Download & Install the free program
2) Run the program and it automatically displays all the network ip devices running including the Foscam camera which will be listed as “unidentified hidden device”. It will give you the IP addresses and you can then plug that ip address (e.g., into your browser.

To configure EvoCam 4 with your Wi-Fi IP Camera

Using the older version of EvoCam? Follow these steps to configure EvoCam 3

From the Options menu, select network cameras and fill in the IP Address, Port and Username/Password details. Be sure to check the box that states this camera requires a username and password. After you click ok and apply your changes you simply open a new window and the network camera appears!

ip camera setup for evocam

Note: The steps above need to be complete for each IP camera used; however you will need to purchase the full version of this software for multiple cameras.

For a more support with EvoCam software you will have to contact Evological directly.