Peeping Toms In Public Places

Bob Hain, a Bushwick graphic artist who goes by the moniker Normal Bob Smith, has been documenting the characters of Union Square for years. In August, America’s News Magazine: Inside Edition sent a team of people with hidden cameras to stake out the regular peeping sections. The program also put two young female researchers on the steps dressed in short skirts — with shorts underneath — and using cameras tucked in their purses to shoot the peepers.

Using a hidden camera system they shot footage of multiple men who looked often for hours at a time under the skirts of women on the steps. These peeping toms, it seems, come to the park on the regular specifically to peep, and they’ve all developed various methods for peeping without being detected.

Inside Edition : Creepy Peepers
(First Aired: September 12, 2011)

A hidden camera investigation exposes peepers who target young women in New York’s Union Square.

Arrests of peepers are rare in New York City public spaces because simply trying to look under the skirts of women is not a crime. Voyeurism is illegal when the subject is unaware and the image is recorded on camera.

Should The Women Of New York Be Protected Against Peeping Toms?
When Queens Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr. tried to get a law passed (Creating the offense of voyeurism) in New York in 2007 he came under heavy fire from people who did not believe that such a law was needed or that there were that many peeping toms looking up the skirts of New York city women.

Vallone’s main concern were about those men who stood under subway platforms and cut holes in bathroom walls to view women’s private areas that they believed they were keeping private by being fully clothed. As was recently discovered councilman Vallone’s were indeed legitimate and didn’t even begin to cover what lengths peeping toms are willing to go to in order to get pictures or even videos of women’s underwear for their own titillation.

A recent video shows just how inventive one peeping tom got to get the video he came to union square to capture. The video clearly shows how this man turned his digital camera into a video spy camera capable of looking up women’s skirts.

peeping tom The peeper begins with his digital camera turned onto to the video and dangling from his wrist as he stands in position to try and capture the crotch area of a young woman sitting on the steps at union square. After several minutes of video taping he then brings the camera up and while pretending to do some addition on a calculator he views the video.
peeping tom using a digital camera Deciding that leaving the camera dangling from his wrist did not provide a steady enough picture to get a good video of the young woman’s panties he tries to capture better video holding the camera still in hand while continuing to press numbers on the calculator. However, this method left the camera too high for him to get the video he wanted so at long last he combined the two methods he had tried in order to get the perfect video of the young woman’s panty area.
peeping tom recording upskirt Holding the camera still against the side of his leg he shot his video while pretending to gaze at the other people milling around the square. Having perfected his video surveillance technique he moved on to victimize yet another unsuspecting young woman.
peeping tom video recording This man now has this video in his possession where he can choose to look at it again or again or even post upskirt pics or videos on the web further victimizing these young women. If this doesn’t convince the policy makers of New York that they need to pass some kind of law to protect the women of New York from these peeping Tom’s that intrude on the their privacy then nothing will.

Woman Encounters Peeping Tom With Camera
An Omaha woman spotted a camera at her bathroom window as she was getting out of the shower Wednesday morning. In response, police have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood near 168th and Q streets and hope to track down the Peeping Tom.
Lindsey, who didn’t want to use her last name, was getting ready for work when she got an unwelcome surprise.
“I had just put on a towel and I was drying my hair and looking in the mirror and I see a reflection or some figure in a window,” she said. “I kind of second-guessed myself and looked again and I noticed it was a camera.”
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A PEEPING Tom watching his pal having sex with a girl was caught when he stumbled out of a wardrobe, a court heard.
Michael Hoyle, 20, had been told to hide in the closet by mate Jake Clancy-Winfield, 21.
The romp with the girl was even filmed by an unknown third person.
Clancy-Winfield had invited the unwitting girl — who cannot be named for legal reasons — to the flat, said Oliver Thorne, prosecuting.
Hoyle hid in the wardrobe and waited for the pair to go to bed.
Judge Jennifer Kershaw QC told them at Leeds Crown Court: “Your behaviour was not only criminal, it was insensitive, coarse and cruel.”
The pair, from Wakefield, admitted voyeurism. They were given 12-month supervision orders and must do 180 hours of unpaid work.
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A factory worker who admitted planting a secret camera at his work to film female colleagues on the toilet is to be supervised by the court for the next 12 months.
A female worker found the camera wedged between pipes next to the sink in the domestic-style lavatory. She handed the device in to her manager, who saw Leask adjusting its position when she viewed its contents on her computer.
The police were called and Leask denied all knowledge of the device until he was told that he had been caught on camera himself.
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