Granny Cam: Protecting The Defenseless

It is difficult enough to put an aging relative whom you love into a long term care facility but, most people do so believing their loved one will be getting the best of care, something they themselves may be unable to provide. So what do you do when you suspect that the very people who are supposed to be providing care for your loved one are abusing them instead? More and more people are turning to hidden surveillance cameras or what has been nicknamed Granny cams to capture and prevent further abuse of their loved ones.

granny cam hidden inside of a wall clock

There has even been legislation brought up in several states over the last decade demanding granny cams in elderly and other resident facility to help protect those who are most defenseless but, this legislation has been fought by the care facilities themselves siting resident and employee privacy as well as insurance as reasons why these cameras should not be allowed.

This forces loved ones of those patients who are showing signs of suspected abuse to take matters into their own hands and install hidden cameras in their loved ones room and record the abuse. For example a hidden cam placed in a residents room in Minnesota revealed the resident was indeed being abused.

The case was settled out of court but, the Minnesota department of health refused to investigate the incident. In fact, according to federal records twice in the last 4 years state regulators improperly investigated 40% of the abuse claims in residential settings. Some of these claims were filed against employees with known criminal records that should have never been hired for such positions of responsibility to the defenseless people in their care.

While having cameras openly displayed in residential care facilities might actually help prevent abuse from occurring facilities fear that using such measures of protection for their residents may prevent care givers from applying to work in residential treatment facilities where their activities would be monitored. This raises questions of why such fears would exist unless the incidents of elderly abuse is much higher than most people are aware of and the management of these facilities are choosing to protect their employees over their patients.

granny cam hidden inside of an air purifierNot all resistance is from residential facilities however, while some advocates for the elderly feel cameras could help reduce incidence of abuse other advocates feel that cameras would simply be too intrusive.

In the meantime, the use of cameras in residential facilities is becoming more and more acceptable and the families of patients will continue to use whatever means are at their disposal to protect their loved ones.

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