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  • parabolic microphone

    How Does Sound Activated Recording Work?

    A common question asked about sound activated recording spy cameras is how it works and how loud of a sound does it need before the triggers the recording mechanism. For example, if someone was moving about in a room would it begin recording or would...

  • wifi-camera-application

    How Do Wi-Fi Cameras Work?

    What It Requires Broadband Internet connect: DSL, Cable or FiOS A Wireless Router PC for Recording Note: The WiFi camera systems have to be paired with a router in order to function wirelessly. This is done by directly connecting the camera to your router using...

  • static-ip-address

    Do I Need A Static IP Address For A Web Spy Camera?

    “Have a question: My internet provider will not allow me to get a “static” IP address, do you have web spy cameras (can be viewed from internet) without this? I understand most web security cameras require a static IP” A Static IP address would be...

  • External Battery Pack for Spy Pen Cameras

    How Long Does The Battery Last On Spy Pens?

    Most Spy Pen Cameras have a battery life up to 1 hour 30 minutes. There are certain models that allow for an external battery pack that connect to the USB portion of the pen. With one of these devices in use your Spy Pen Camera...

  • IR LED Lamp

    What Does lux Mean On A Spy Camera?

    Specifications for surveillance cameras often include a minimum illuminance level in lux at which the camera will record a satisfactory image. A camera with good low-light capability will have a lower lux rating. Low light capability of a camera is determined by its CCD size,...

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