We offer a complete line of spy camera, nanny cameras, hidden camera, wireless spycam,
pen camera & other CCTV systems with quality and service you can count on.

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Spy Camera Blog

Popular Spy Camera Types

air purifier hidden cameraclock spy camera portable outdoor spy cameracar spy camera pen camerabody worn spy camera pinhole ip camerapan tilt ip camera mini spycambullet camera
Hidden in Objects Hide It Yourself Body Worn Wi-Fi Miniature Pinhole

Spy Camera Applications

A growing number of parents are using nanny cameras to ensure that their child's safety.
Nanny Watching
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Caught cheating: cameras for catching cheating spouses.
Spouse or Family
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Cameras for car surveillance.
Vehicle Protection
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Cameras that can be used for anti bullying & harassment.
Personal Security
Video surveillance for home & office.
Standard CCTV
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Other spy camera applications: nursing home, intrusion detection, mystery shopping, pipe inspection, bird watching, microscope, exam...

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New Items

SCS Enterprises, d/b/a/ Spy Camera Specialists, specializes in do-it-yourself video security systems. Based in New York, we have been serving our customers since 1998. Our company started small yet, always innovating, developing new products and being true to our customers which helped us to grow.

For more information please visit: why buy from scs.
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Made to Order Items

Since the beginning, we have been assembling our own Nanny Cameras (cameras hidden in objects such as clock radio, air purifier etc.). You will notice that these cameras are not found on other sites. It has been our philosophy that mass production and distribution of such camera defeats the purpose of being “covert”. Because the cameras are assembled upon order, you can choose among numerous upgrade options to best suit your need. Also, when service is needed, you can be assured that it’ll be done correctly by the very hands that made the system. We have cases where a customer who has bought a system a decade ago, returned it for a repair and ended up costing him only $40 for replacing the power supply unit inside. Nanny Cameras can cost as much as a good laptop. Why risk it with a vendor who may only offer you to buy a new one when the warranty is over?
Not only we can provide you with the best service, we can apply the best possible price, same day shipping and quality control on all our nanny cameras.

Off the Shelf Items

In China, many products are copied and distributed by many different manufacturers. Exact same housing and packaging for the camera are shared among many different manufacturers to cut down the cost. The quality of these kinds of items varies tremendously, from a total junk to, in some cases, even better than the original. So whether it’s an original, a copy or a knock-off, you will never know what is inside of the unit.

Our team uses strict guidelines to test all new products as they appear on the market. Our dedication to quality means that only small percentage of those products will be sold by our company. We also have agent in China who searches for reliable products thus filtering out any poorly made or knock-off items.
To understand better how spy cameras are made and distributed, please refer to: distribution diagram


Our team at SCS would like to thank our customers. We value your new and repeated business. We pride ourselves on customer service excellence and will continue to search for new ways to provide the best product, service and price. Please see our customer’s comments at ResellerRatings.

Spy Camera Glossary & Definitions

Unfamiliar with a spy camera term you've seen on our site? Find out what it means with our spy camera dictionary.

Automatic Gain Control function that brightens image under low light condition.
Auto Iris
lens component for controlling light intake of a camera
Back Light Control function that dims intense back light automatically for a brighter picture of an object
Board Camera
A fully functional board level camera without casing.
Board Lens
1/2" dia. miniature lens for board camera, miniature camera and bullet camera.
Body Worn Camera (body worn camera)
Portable covert camera such as button, camera, pen camera, pager camera, with battery power for covert operation. a/k/a: wearable camera
Bullet Camera
A cylindrical shape camera. Available in pinhole bullet camera and outdoor bullet camera. a/k/a: lipstick camera.
Bullet Proof Camera
stainless hardened metal cased camera used to resist damage from gun shots.
Camcorder Pinhole Lens
pinhole lens attachment lens to most camcorders for self contained portable covert video
Camera Enclosure
Protective casing for various cameras. Comes in outdoor, indoor, corner mount, wall mount, ceiling mount etc. a/k/a: camera housing, environmental housing.
Camera Housing
see: camera enclosure
Car Backup System
see: car rear view system
Car Rear View System
see: car rear view system
CCD Camera
(Charged Coupled Device) imaging camera with high resolution over 380 TV lines in B/W and 330 TV lines in color.
CCTV Camera
Standard rectangular shape camera used for overt security. a/k/a: security camera.
CCTV Monitor
high resolution (400 ~ 900 TV lines) monitors for security cameras.
CCTV System
General term for a complete security system including camera(s), monitor, time lapse VCR etc.
CMOS Camera (cmos camera)
(Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) economical low resolution imaging camera (200 TV lines ~ 300 TV lines) w/ extremely low power consumption
Composite Video
analog video input & output signal used in all consumer & security video equipment such as VCR, TV, security camera, video capture card, camcorder etc
Covert Camera
hidden camera such as nanny cam, pinhole camera, pen camera, miniature camera etc.
Day & Night Camera (day & night camera)
Color camera producing full color under a normal lighting and B/W video under infrared illumination.
Digital Multiplexer
records image on to a hard disk or CD-ROM. multiple camera inputs. remote viewing available in some models. a/k/a: hard disk recorder, DVR also available in self contained unit w/o computer
Digital Spy Camera
compact still picture camera with memory, download capability to a computer
Digital Video
digital signal output used for computer USB port.
Dome Camera
camera inside a vandal proof plastic dome casing with omni directional bracket.
Duplex Multiplexer
multiplexer with independent viewing control without interfering with recording.
Digital Video Recorder. A video recorder that stores video digitally on to its hard disk, no tape required.
Electronic Auto Iris
auto iris function which is built in to the CCD imaging circuit of the a camera
Event Recorder
- VCR with a trigger input such as a motion detector (built-in to all time lapse VCR) a/k/a: event VCR
Fast Dome Camera
dome camera with pan & tilt, zoom control
Fishing Camera
battery powered underwater camera and monitor system w/ up to 100' depth capability.
Hard Disk Recorder
see: DVR
Hidden Camera
general term for all covert cameras such as pinhole camera, hidden cam, miniature camera, nanny cam etc.
Infrared Camera
b/w or dual mode camera with LED illuminators for night vision a/k/a: LED camera, night vision camera
Infrared Illuminator
LED light source only visible to a b/w camera
IP Camera
Also known as a IP Cam, Network Camera or Wi-Fi Camera, these camera systems send and receive video/audio over a computer network and the internet.
LCD Monitor
Liquid Crystal Display flat monitor
LED Lamp
see: infrared illuminator
Lipstick Camera (lipstick camera)
see: bullet camera
light level. 1 lux = 1 candle light. lower the better.
Mini Camera (mini camera)
also known as mini spy camera, see: miniature camera
Miniature Camera (miniature camera)
compact size camera measuring 1" x 1" squire. a/k/a: mini camera, spy camera
Mirror Image Camera (mirror image camera)
camera use for vehicle backup viewing. Flips the image horizontally.
Motion Detector Camera
camera with a motion detector that turns on or send record signal to a VCR upon motion. a/k/a: PIR camera, motion PIR camera
multi camera video processor with split viewing function plus full screen playback for each cameras from recording.
Nanny Camera (nanny camera)
A nanny cam is a complete spy camera system hidden inside various housings such as alarm clock, lamp, plant etc..
Network Camera
see: ip camera
Night Vision Camera
see: infrared camera
Observation System
see: CCTV system
Outdoor Camera
fully air tight camera used for outdoor, all weather conditions. a/k/a: weather proof camera, water proof camera
Pan & Tilt Zoom System
see: PTZ system
Pen Camera (pen camera)
Also known as a spy pen, spypen or pen cam, a pen camera is a wearable body worn camera in the disguise of a writing pen.
Pinhole Bullet Camera
bullet camera with pinhole lens
Pinhole Lens
tinny camera lens that can see through a opening little as 1/8" dia.
PIR Camera
see: motion detector camera
Portable Camera (portable camera)
see: body worn camera
Portable VCR
12V battery operated compact VCR used with body worn cameras for covert operation.
PTZ system
pan & tilt, zoom camera with controller. comes in indoor, outdoor or dome housing. a/k/a: ptz, ptz camera or pan tilt zoom camera
Quad Processor
multiple camera processor that can combine cameras signals onto one monitor or a VCR by splitting the screen into 4 quadrants a/k/a: quad splitter
Quad Splitter
see: quad processor
Real Time
15 frames / sec = 30 fields /sec frame rate
Security Camera
see: CCTV camera
Security Monitor
see: CCTV monitor
Spy Camera (spy camera)
general term for cameras used in covert applications. a/k/a: miniature camera, covert camera, pinhole camera
Spy Gadgets (spy gadgets)
spy gear including spy pen, spy sunglasses, pen camera, watches, wireless cameras, hidden cameras and other spy tools & equipment.
Time Lapse
frame rate lower than real time
Time Lapse VCR
VCR with long recording capability up to 960 hours on single tape
Underwater Camera
see: fishing camera
Vari-Focal Lens
lens that can zoom in and out manually
Video Monitor
see: CCTV monitor
Video Observation
see: CCTV system
Video Surveillance System (video surveillance system)
see: CCTV system
Video Transmitter (video transmitter)
see: wireless transmitter
Water Proof Camera (water proof camera)
see outdoor camera
Weather Proof Camera (weather proof camera)
see: outdoor camera
Web Camera
camera with a server that can transmit video signal via internet and other networks a/k/a: web cam, webcam, internet camera, internet cam, web camera server
Wireless Camera
security camera with a wireless transmitter built-in
Wireless Receiver (wireless receiver)
receives signal from a wireless transmitter. connects to a monitor or a VCR for recording.
Wireless Spy Camera
see: wireless camera
Wireless Transmitter (wireless transmitter)
connects to a camera for wireless video & audio signal transmission. Range: 300ft ~ 10 mile.
Wireless Video (wireless video)
see: wireless transmitter
Zoom Camera (zoom camera)
A camera with a zoom lens